Lake Home Construction

Building a lake home is an exciting decision and there are many questions that come along with that decision. Which lake property fits your budget? How much lot space is needed to fit all of your buildings/equipment requirements? Do you require on-site boat storage? By highlighting our process, you will be able to see why building your own lake home can be enjoyable and stress free.

Lake home

We have experience in acquiring building permits in the lakes area. We make this process seamless and allow you to focus on the project itself.

Initial meeting

I will meet with you and we will go over the following:

Location of Home

Do you have a lot or land? Do you need help finding a lot? I can help locate a lot that will work for you.

Style of Home

Do you have a plan or some ideas of what kind of home you would like? I have drafting services available to help us for this, and many home plans that may be customized to your ideas.

Cost and Financing

Everyone should have a number for the final cost of their new home that they are comfortable with. I can help guide you in this area, and I also offer construction financing for the build.


Everyone has a lot of questions about the building process and time lines. We will go over any questions and concerns you have about the building process and time lines, energy efficiency, codes, windows and doors, exterior finishing, interior finishing, and anything else that you have questions about. I tell customers to always feel comfortable asking me about their concerns or sharing ideas they have. If you think of something after our meetings I am only a phone call or text message away.


After this initial meeting I will have some preliminary plans drawn up for review at our next meeting.

lake home

Secondary Meetings

Once we have preliminary plans drawn we will get together and go over them and make any changes necessary. We will also discuss some of the details of the home such as: exterior siding and masonry, roofing, windows and exterior doors, interior door styles and finish, cabinetry, flooring, drywall finishes and colors. It may take a couple of meetings and several emails to get the home exactly as you want it.

When we have the plans done I will put together a detailed estimate for you. We will then go over this estimate. Once you have made the decision to proceed, we will sign contracts and begin the building process. During this time the fun starts. You will get to pick out colors for siding and shingles, type of masonry such as brick or stone, light fixtures, appliances, paint and stain colors, flooring, all the things that will personalize your new home. I will help you in this process and give you time lines and vendors needed for selections.

Normal construction times for a new home is between 120 and 150 days. When framing and roofing is completed we will have a walk through with the electrician to locate light fixtures, any specialty outlets or other electrical items.

Final Meetings and Walkthroughs

When the home is completed we will have a final walk through to make sure everything is ready for you to move in and finished for the final building inspection and certificate of occupancy. Then it is time for closing and for you to move in. 

We understand that every client is different. Some want to have weekly meetings and some are content to just meet when necessary. I am a custom home builder and will work with you personally and make myself available to you whenever you as the homeowner feel it is necessary.